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As a former professional dancer on Britain's biggest television show Strictly Come Dancing, Brendan's career within the media and television world has grown rapidly since the show's inception back in 2004. Brendan's adaptation from dancer to producer and entertainer, shows no signs of slowing as he prepares to deliver the second run of his firth production and 12th nationwide theatre tour of the UK. Brendan's dance, music and chat show Brendan Cole - Show Man will hit theatres in February, March & April 2020.

About Brendan Cole
About Brendan Cole
About Brendan Cole

His current theatre tour follows on from his previous three hugely successful stage shows Live & Unjudged, Licence To Thrill, A NightTo Remember and All Night Long. Previously, Brendan and his 22 strong cast have dazzled audiences with their exciting choreography, phenomenal live music and huge production. Modestly described by Brendan as ‘An evening with style show with something for everyone,’ his current production is bigger and better than ever with an incredible cast and brand new feel. Brendan’s latest theatre show will be touring the UK and Ireland again in 2020.

In his personal life, Brendan’s life revolves around his family. Christmas day 2012 saw Brendan’s wife Zoë give birth to their beautiful daughter Aurélia and 5 years later, their Son Danté. 

Before television, Brendan’s professional career was solely within the Ballroom and Latin American dance scene. As a world renowned dancer, demonstrating, teaching, competing and lecturing.within the world of the Professional Latin American dance & ranked within the top 12 or the world, the dream of becoming World Champion was always his goal but when the BBC approached him with the offer of Strictly Come Dancing, his career took a very sharp turn to that of television and media.

Before becoming the persona he is known to be today, Brendan's early days were not as easy as he perhaps would've liked, but he does say that they made him who he is and for that he is grateful. Dancing from the age of 6 in a day preceding the television world, he says he wasn't so much bullied during his school years but certainly teased on occasion which fuelled his more feisty nature but also pushed him to be the best he could be at everything he did. He attributes his success today to the many challenges he faced during his earlier days and says 'Although at times it was difficult, I am glad for the school of hard knocks I had as a kid. Looking back I loved my childhood, the good and the bad.'

Born in Christchurch, New Zealand with it's outdoor lifestyle, Brendan's love of Sport and nature has continued to grow here in the UK. Having moved here at the age of 18 and now at the age of 43, Brendan with his wife Zoe Cole and their Children Aurélia and Danté reside between the English countryside and the Island of Mallorca. Having played most sports throughout his childhood and living in a county that is renowned for it's natural beauty and sporting nature, Brendan hopes to show that New Zealand way of life to his son and daughter and let them enjoy their Kiwi roots as well as the English ones they gets from their Mummy.

Brendan puts success down to four things. Hard work, a little luck, deciding which door to walk through when an opportunity presents itself and creating opportunities one desires. Brendan's decision to move to the UK away from his friends and family six days before his 19th Birthday helps sum up this ethos as well as showing Brendan's character. His determination to succeed has been apparent from an early age. With his passion for dance, there was only one place for him as he packed his bags with £1000 in his pocket and a one way ticket to England where his dreams awaited! Competing as an amateur dancer and later turning professional, Brendan's initial dream to be world champion was never realised. However, his time competing and his striving for perfection was only just the beginning. All the hard work and years of dedication would pay off but in a very different way to the one he set out to acheive within the dance world and in his words 'You never know what awaits you around the corner.'