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Posted: February 18, 2016

Brendan Cole - All Night Long

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By Michelle Hurst  |  Posted: February 05, 2017

WILL Brendan Cole be the next Len Goodman on Strictly Come Dancing?

That was the revelation by the Strictly favourite who took to the stage at Grimsby Auditorium last night.

But, in true Brendan fashion, it was probably all in humour!

Although he told the packed audience that he had thrown his hat in the ring for the role of judge on the BBC show - and was even practising his catchphrases, like Bren's Lens and Cole's Cam, but we will have to wait and see.

It's typical of Brendan to intersperse his dance show with chat - and birthday kisses for some in the crowd, including 90-year-old Helen Monk and a young girl who waved an "It's my birthday" banner, which caught the 40-year-old's eye. So much so that he whipped her up and gave her a few birthday twirls.

image: - The paso was a highlight.

All Night Long is his latest production, and they are always greeted warmly by the Grimsby crowd, despite our allegiance to Kevin and Joanne Clifton!

With three other male dancers and four female dancers, two professional singers and an entire band, the stage was set for a night of entertainment - with a few surprises thrown in.

The night took us on a tour of the Strictly dance floor, with just about every dance genre covered, starting with a samba to the title song.

There followed, interspersed by chat and the "surprises", a cha cha to Love Potion No9, rumba to Fields Of Gold, a Viennese waltz which even included a fleckerl (Len would have been proud!), a charlston, a quick step to 9 to 5, foxtrot, waltz, a very fast jive and Argentine tango.

Highlights were the dramatic paso with fire on the stage, which, considering how narrow it was, left the audience gasping as Brendan and co swished their capes above the flames and the dress change - from pink to black with one flick!

It was the surprises that illustrated just how Brendan is ... firstly, joining musical director Barry Robinson and professional singer Iain Mackenzie in a rat pack number, singing!

image: - And, then, having had guitar lessons, he joined Iain and fellow singer Julie Maguire and guitarist Marco Gerace, on Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud.

Iain and Julie are always a pleasure to listen to, so versatile and vocally strong.

image: - Brendan gave the crowd a few treats when he changed behind a screen for the charleston.

And the band, comprising six brass, percussionist, drummer and three strings, are so versatile, switching from sax to flute in a flash.

The male dancers on this tour are Craig Jones, Matt Harris and Michael Johnson, and the females Faye Huddleston, Crystal Main, Victoria Burke and Sallyrose Beardall.

It's a big cast and a big production which will keep you singing and tapping your toes All Night Long.

Michelle Hurst

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